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Awaken the Divine within
Experience the
power of the pyramid

- Pyramid Power Reimagined -

Our Pyramids are designed to be powerful meditation tools that help practitioners get a more focused and deeper meditative experience.


By using Sacred proportions and intuitive design, we assist meditators in tapping into a truly immersive meditative state, allowing them to guide their emotional state of well-being.


If you are looking to get the most out of your meditation practices or simply want to meditate deeper with faster results, our products will help facilitate in reaching your spiritual goals.


We thank you for your time and attention towards learning about these special tools and practices. As we share our Sacred Structures with you, we hope to expand the consciousness and gifts of each individual in our journey to elevate the world.

Meditation Like You’ve Never felt before



Finest Materials

Carefully built using the highest quality resins and consciously selected semi-precious stones

Golden Chakra

Deepened Meditation

Enjoy a deeper and more direct meditative experience even without prior training or practice

Simple Set-Up

Can be easily assembled by one person in a matter of minutes with no additional tools

Exacting Precision

Each Component is carefully designed and precision measured to follow the Phi Ratio

Lightweight Design

Compact and portable enough to be disassembled for storage and transport

Balanced Structure

Solid Friction Lock Adapters can be put together by one person in a matter of minutes using standard 1/2" PVC pipe 


My name is Zaid Sri Anta. I have been called to design and build these pyramids to help people create powerful impact in their lives through intuitive design and creating sacred spaces to be enjoyed and explored by those who seek them.


We are constantly improving our products and processes,.

If there is any desired size, color, or option that is not available here, please reach out to us so we can dicuss how to empower you and your vision and make them a reality.

Phone:801-899-9459   /

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