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ABOUT sacred Semiotics

How We Started


Pyramid Power has always been of interest to us. Orgonite pyramids were our first venture into this space, and as our interest grew so did the power of our pyramids.


By incorporating multiple backgrounds of thought and combining many modalities along the way, we discovered that not only can these structures provide so much for us energetically, but they can be enacted in a way that helps promote change physically.


Each and every structure is built with the sole intent of helping bring more powerful intention and intuition to those who are looking to do the work of dreaming and building a more complete, more holistic way of life.

- Sacred Structures - 


Building beautiful bespoke pyramids with Orgonite capstones and components to positively impact individuals in their energetic practices 


So that we can build a network of pyramids, both gifted and sold to connect energy vortexes all over the world to help raise the consciousness of the planet


Every purchase will contribute to helping fund the research and development necessary to design a scalable pyramid option that can be effectively built and installed at key vortex points and ley lines.


All over the North America, and, eventually, worldwide.

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